Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's the first day of Spring and things are looking up...

Our new neighbours have 3 chickens in their garden.  They inspired me to create these cute little egg cosies for Easter.
Here is one of the flock posing in front of the Aga.  I hope you like it.

I'm feeling guilty that I haven't made a guinea fowl cosy - our birds might be rather offended.  Perhaps that is something I should look into this evening.  I could even use their feathers although they might get eggy...

I have also been busy making bunting and have gone mad for it.  This is one of my latest:  Spring Bunting. 
Spring Bunting

In celebration of our Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I have also made this:

Jubilee Bunting

I have made enough to string all round the garden - We might have to have a party to show it all off.

I have placed all of these in my Folksy Shop  www.folksy.com/shops/MadebySuzy

I am really looking forward to going to the Country Living Fair in London this week and meeting more inspired and brave people selling their work.   I have been selling a few of my creations through my lovely friends at Oxbow & Peach  at fairs in Herts, Essex and Cambs, but it is time I faced my fears and did it myself as well.